Want powerful brand placement in a less cluttered environment? How about somewhere your audience visits over and over again, a place where they stay put for longer than a nanosecond? Windows Live Hotmail® is the place for you. Besides an engaged and attentive audience, we offer one that is targeted—age, gender and city are just a few criteria we can use to streamline who sees your message. We can even target based on their interests and behaviours.

Each day, millions of Canadians sign in to their email accounts to communicate with friends and family. Every time they do, they generate millions of opportunities for you to talk to them. Windows Live Hotmail® offers standard and rich media ad placement in two high-performance sizes: 300x250 and 160x600. The best part is that you’ll know your message won’t appear next to unsuitable content on an obscure network. It will reach your audience while they’re fully engaged online.