Our homepage team is always on the clock. Their passion for staying current is what drives them to check the site as soon as they wake up in the morning. Then it’s on to scanning the news feeds and optimizing the page so Canadians from coast to coast can always fi nd exactly what they want. Whether it’s puppies wearing hats, celeb break-ups or parliamentary intrigue, we’re all over it and we put it exactly where our audience will fi nd it. We’ll do the same for your message.

Sympatico.ca is the #1 start page that Canadians see when they open their browsers—no other Canadian portal can say that. Since it launched in 1995, our homepage has evolved to meet the needs of our Canadian audience. For one thing, our pages load faster even though they’re full of more news, information and channels than we started with ‘back in the day’. One thing that will not change is our commitment to having English and French teams. This means that the audience experience in both languages is truly authentic. The content they engage with refl ects their voice and culture.